Creating your first ever t-shirt brand can be an exciting and fulfilling venture. Sometimes it can be chaotic and burdensome especially when you don’t an honest guideline to help you easily jump start a t-shirt brand. So if you want to avoid failures, this how-to article can give you a practical advice and tips to drastically help you.

Grab ideas
In any business, whether small or large, success doesn’t come overnight. So don’t expect to be the famous the brand the world has seen for decades! As much as possible, take a week or two to check what is considered as trendy in the fashion industry. This doesn’t mean you will copy from other designers. This step will help you have inspiration, as well as ideas to make your t-shirt brand unique from the competition. As a matter of fact, this first step will determine what your target market is.

If you are interested in a sport, why not artistically translate it to your t-shirt brand? You love surfing in Japan, then maybe you could couple your passion with your business and target the same people who love to ride waves on the cost of Shizuoka. Targeting a niche market can be very interesting and lead to expansion in a specific field.
In the future it will be easier to promote and find advocates for your brand if associated with a specific sport or activity.

Get feedback
If you are unsure of your brand, you should ask your friends and family for some honest and real feedback. To avoid sugar coating, you should tell them directly to be honest with their opinion. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be offended when they tell you the truth.  Remember successful brands like Super Dry started with a simple design in multiple colors before they became famous world-wide. You don’t have to rush anything!

Test your market
If you really want to start with three or more designs, you should introduce them to your market. This should be initially your “test period” and not the real deal. Upload them on a realistic template and make them out of stock on your online store. See how your potential customers will react to it.

If you want to have actual t-shirts on hand, make sure to run a small production first! You don’t want to invest on t-shirts that you can’t sell. For the printing technique, you should choose dtg shirt printing because it is faster to produce and normally doesn’t require minimum order requirement.

Make a website

If you can’t afford to set-up an actual t-shirt store, you can have a website instead. Even if you don’t have knowledge on programming or coding, there are great content management systems that you can use. You can opt for WordPress and buy an e-commerce theme. Alternatively,  you can choose Shopify and Big Commerce. If you don’t have the luxury to print your own t-shirts, webstess like may help you.

Establishing a t-shirt brand is a fulfilling experience. So make sure that you remember this guideline when you are thinking of a starting your new business soon!