In today’s world, finding a  screen printing factory or clothing manufacturer or for your custom-made t-shirts can be a headache although there are many to choose from. There are many factories that implements strict ordering guidelines. There are big factories that don’t want to work with small and complicated projects. While small local factories don’t provide full customization services such as woven labels and even pattern services. So if you are on the verge of giving up, don’t lose hope just yet! Here are some pointers to consider when partnering with a Thai manufacturer.

Clear and professional communication

Communication is very important especially in business. If you already have a manufacturer or t-shirt printing factory in mind, they should be able to clearly communicate all their services and its costs. You should also express your expectations from them so you can avoid issues that may arise because of miscommunication. Always keep in mind that the first step of a great partnership is letting your chosen manufacturer know your expectations.

Technical specsheets

Not all the hard work will be on your manufacturer’s or screen printer shoulders. There are responsibilities that you should do to ensure success in the partnership. You should provide them with a practical and detail visual specsheet which includes your requirements. This can be anything from quantity per size, artwork position and pantone colors. If you are unable to do this, your partner may produce the wrong color, size and quantity that will ultimately brings problems to your order.

Right t-shirt printing and manufacturing process

A professional t-shirt printer or apaprel manufacturer should have a streamlined manufacturing process which will ease production difficulties and other issues. If you are confused with your manufacturer’s method, you may want to reconsider another company. Usually factories with cluttered t-shirt production process are unable to meet their deadlines. If not, they produce low quality or worst wrong orders.

It is very rare that a factory does the whole process of pattern design and cutting, sewing and printing garments. It is generally made by different companies. So look for a factory that can establish a good communication between these services to make sure the final product will live up to your expectations.

Knowledge in screen printing

A t-shirt manufacturer should have experience, as well as skills to produce high quality custom made t-shirts. If they lack knowledge in different printing methods, they are more likely to mess up your order. They may unknowingly use the wrong technique than you initially told them to do. As much as possible, choose a factory that has years of experience and skills to boast for. It is also ideal to ask for sample pictures or their actual portfolios. You can also ask them if they can provide you with contact details of their previous customers. If they can’t, you can also look for reviews and feedbacks through the internet.

Searching a clothing manufacturer or t-shirt printing factory that can adhere to your requirements and expectations might seem hard but it doesn’t mean that you can’t the perfect company to produce your t-shirts. Armed with the tips mentioned above, you can easily find the best company which perfectly fits your guidelines.